3 types of residential garage doors

3 types of residential garage doors

A proper garage door is always essential. Doors are meant to protect the property and privacy too. So, for your residential garage you have to make sure that you are opting for the best and sturdiest door. This will not only last for a long time but also it will be able to protect your precious property from any kind of harm, vandalism or theft. There can be 3 types of garage doors for residential purpose. You have to select one for your residential garage door installation in Wichita KS based on your need and space available.

Single Panel Doors

single-panel-garage-doorSingle panel door is a monolithic panel doors often seen in the garages. This door opens by swinging up overhead with a hinge. It is a single panel door which is closed in one position with the help of the hinge on each side. This door can be made up of both woods and any metal like aluminium or steel. Though this single panel door is safe and secured and many people use this, it has a disadvantage. When the door swings up it partially opens outside the garage. So, a car needs to stop leaving enough space for opening the door. So, this single panel door is for the ones who have enough space for parking or in front of their garage.

Sectional Garage Doors

sectional-garage-doorsThis type of door is really great as it does not require any space in front of the garage. So you can park your car close to the garage door before driving into the garage. This door consists of three to eight panels that slide up or even sideways providing you the entire space to get inside the garage. It is more popular than that of the monolithic panel doors. You will be able to get a faster access to the garage with this door.

Roller Doors

This is the most common and best type of garage doors for residential purpose. This is not only safe and protected from vandalism and theft but also the best for any types of climate. Be it storm or even flood your property will remain safe and secured inside the garage. This is constructed with corrugated steel or aluminium plates joined together. It rolls up to open and down to close. Since the door is locked throughout the side water or storm cannot damage the car at all. This door is considered to be the safest one and you can see maximum usage of this door in the residential garages.