How to Replace Garage Door Torsion Springs

torsion-springs-garageTorsion springs are a type of mechanism used in garage doors. It helps to lift and lower the door. Torsion Spring works by twisting. It is under constant tension created by the bottom hinge and the springs. It advised to take professional help while installing or replacing a garage door torsion spring. It may cause serious damage if you don’t know the correct mechanism.

Some important points about Torsion Springs:

· To get correct dimensions you should measure the Torsion Springs in relaxed condition. (video below)

· You need to measure the length, size and the inside diameter of the wire to get exact size as of the previous springs

· The length need not have to be specific

· The inside diameter and the wire size are vital. It should me measure accurately.

· The number of turns depends on the size of cable drum and the height of the door.

· The direction of the wind should be opposite to the side of the spring, i.e. right wound spring is to be fixed to the left side of the door.

Steps to replace garage door Torsion Springs:

· First unplug and disconnect the garage door opener from the garage door

· You need to lock the door and put a clamp

· Next unwind the existing Torsion spring

· Take a winding bar then insert it into the winding cone. It must be inserted to the full depth of the winding cone. Then loosen the sets of screws with it

· Remove the winding bars carefully and unwind the spring till all the tension is released

· Put the ladder to both sides time of the cable drum once at a time and loosen the screws

· After removing the cable drum from each sides slide it out from the respective head plates.

· Now put the ladder in the centre of the garage door and loose the springs from the plate.

· Next move the ladder to the door with broken spring and remove the shaft out of the head plate.

· Then must remove the cable drum. Now put back the shaft into the head plate to give support

· Next slip in the new Torsion springs and place back the cable drum onto the shaft.

· Glide in the shaft back into the head plate. But don’t tighten the screws.

· Put the cable drums over the bearing plates and keep turning anti clockwise until it’s tight.

· Then fix the whole setup just as it was opened.

· Now check whether the door is opening properly or not. Then reconnect and plug the garage door opener and test the system.

Equipment required:

· Ladder

· Gloves

· Safety glasses

· Winding bar

· File

· Locking pliers

· Clamps

· Sockets and ratchet

Special instructions:

· The instructions should be followed carefully

· You must be aware of the physical mechanisms and must have experience

· Taking proper safety measures are mandatory

· You need reasonable physical strength to carry out the whole process.

Replacing garage door Torsion springs involves a lot of complicated steps. It isn’t an easy DIY work. So it is always suggested to hire a pro garage door repair company for this laborious work.

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Did Your Torsion Springs Break in El Paso?

Did Your Torsion Springs Break in El Paso?

broken-garage-door-springsYou have to make sure that you get in touch with a professional for your plans for garage door spring replacement in El Paso TX. If you tried to replace such a spring on your own then you might be at risk of serious injuries due to how such a spring can become unstable in some environments.

Your plans for taking a look at a good replacement in your door can be important to see. You’ve got to be sure that you watch for what a professional can do for taking care of your garage door in the El Paso area.

 What Works With These Parts?

The parts that are used in the garage door spring replacement process will be very important for all to take a careful look at. Good torsion and extension springs can be used as a means of preparing a secure and easy to handle setup that is not too problematic or hard to manage. It can really work wonders for when you’re trying to get something added to your spot.

A professional will assist you with this process by removing all the spring with the right professional materials as needed. After this, the professional will assist you with adding new springs and screwing them onto an area. This could prove to be important for the door so you’ll have a setup that is easy to handle and use.

 Tune-Ups Work Too

There are often times when you don’t have to worry about getting a new spring altogether. You might instead be able to find a tune-up service to help you fix up your door and make it work as well as needed. You will have to get a professional to see if the springs in your door are worn out and need to be wound or tuned up or if they have to be replaced altogether.

 A Lifetime Warranty Is Offered

warranty4lifeA lifetime warranty will be available for all the needs you’ve got. A lifetime warranty is available to ensure that you will get a proper replacement at no charge to you. This ensures that you’ll be covered for as long as possible no matter what you might need to get taken care of at a certain point in time.

Be sure to contact us at for information on the things that you can do with your door repair needs. Your springs can be repaired with ease to provide you with the support that you want to see that you’ll have an easier time with handling whatever you want to use at a given time.